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With love, your small family atelier.
We believe that in our dresses, women will create their haven where there is always a place for simple joys!
DARYADARCY x Little Women Atelier

In collaboration with Little Women Atelier, the designer of this collection is DARYADARCY - an author, photographer, and blogger.

Our collection is inspired by the feminine fashion of the early 20th century, the works of classic authors, and the 'romantic summer in a manor' aesthetic.

LWA & Co
Our story
My sister Luiza, and I, Julia, grew up in a family where all of the women would hand-make things.
We would spend each summer in the Siberian countryside surrounded by endless forests full of flowers and cows and sheep grazing on meadows. All of this power in the women's sphere and the beauty of nature influenced our perception of the world...

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